Islamic State releases song in Mandarin for Chinese Muslims


‘I am Mujahid’, when a man chants, there are lyrics like “To die fighting on the battlefield is my dream and no force can stop our advance” in the four minutes song released by the Islamic state on Tuesday targeting the China’s Muslims to take up arms.

It was the first time terrorist releasing the Chinese song and it was featured in website ‘Jihadology’. According to the reports, it was one of the propaganda of Islamic state to strengthen their terrorist group in China.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said that terrorism is the common enemy of mankind and she could not comment on whether the recording issued by Islamic state or not.

Chinese vice foreign minister Cheng Guoping, said, “Beijing had already joined in anti-terrorism cooperation with Washington and Moscow and most of the relevant countries have coordinated and consulted on their anti-islamic states to fight against terrorism.”

According to the sources, government feels that there is serious threat from terrorists in Xinjiang, where hundreds have died in recent times due to attacks on them.

Recently there chinese executives were killed in Mali, when the Islamic militants stomped into a hotel in November and also Chinese officials warned that some Muslim Uighurs entered the battlegrounds in  Syria and Iraq.