Teenage Girl Kills Herself Due To ‘WiFi Allergy’


In a rare incident, a teenage girl, Jenny Fry, killed herself after allegedly being traumatised by allergic reactions to WiFi. The exposure to wireless internet signals at home and school resulted in her death, Jenny’s mother Debra, claimed.

Jenny was suffering from various problems, such as, headaches, weakness and bladder problems which were caused as a result of eletro-hypersensitivity, her mother said.

The teenager was found hanging from a tree at Brooke Woods, near her house in Chadlington, Oxon. After suffering the loss of her daughter, Debra has launched a campaign to remove wireless internet from schools and to replace them with Ethernet cables. Certain health bodies in the UK said that they are not aware of this condition of electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Jenny’s mother said that the whole problem began when their family installed Wi-Fi in their house. A month after the Wi-Fi was installed, her behaviour started changing and she started to have all the physical sypmtoms, such as, pain in her legs, headaches, feeling of pressure and muscle twitches, due to which, she could not sleep properly, but, as soon as the Wi-Fi was switched off, the problems ended, her mother added.

According to the inquest conducted, Debra has accused Jenny’s school, Chipping Norton School, of not taking steps to protect her daughter from the effects of wireless internet. Jenny’s studies suffered a lot as she would move out of her class to find areas where she could without any irritation, her mother said.

According to Debra, after informing the teachers about this problem faced by her daughter, they said that Wi-Fi was safe. “Jenny left letters for us where she said she couldn’t cope with her allergies from WiFi anymore. She left them for us in case things went too far but I don’t believe she wanted to die.”

The head teacher of Jenny’s school, Simon Duffy, said, “Just like many other public spaces, Chipping Norton School does have WiFi installed to enable us to operate effectively. The governors are content that the installed equipment complies with the relevant regulations and will ensure this continues to be the case.”