Watching Fitness DVDs May Have Negative Effects: Study


A recent study has come up with the finding that watching exercise DVDs to work out at home could have negative effects, hyper-sexualised imagery and de-motivating language.

A Kinesiology professor at the Oregon State University, Brad Cardinal, said, “The findings showed that imagery in fitness videos may be perpetuating and reinforcing hyper-sexualised and unrealistic body images.” Another fact that was revealed about these videos is that they sometimes use de-motivating statements, which could reduce the effectiveness of the workout, which could in turn, lead to a loss of hope in an individual and result in psychological harm.

The findings of the study were derived after reviewing 10 popular, instructor-led fitness DVDs with the aim of understanding the visual and auditory messaging and how it might affect users.

According to Cardinal, fitness DVDs are a $250 million industry but there is no scientific evidence about their safety, which raises concerns regarding the accuracy of the information contained in them. The findings warn users to be careful about the shortcomings of a product before selecting it or using it.